Color Book Final Draft

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Revised Color Story

Yellow is the brightest hue in the color wheel and it is the color people see first among all other colors. Yellow is also one of the warmest and most energetic colors that represents happiness, joy and cheerfulness, optimism and pleasure, and it works best as a companion to other colors.

Yellow can be found in the form of both organics and inorganics. Organic yellows can be easily seen in nature such as flowers, leaves, fruits, insects and birds. Whereas inorganic yellows are usually artificially made by paint or dye in order to achieve certain visual and emotional effects such as yellow clothing, accessories, furniture and cartoon characters.

The season that best represents yellow is summer; especially at the beach during summer when the sun shines on the sand to make it look like a golden painting. On the other hand, yellow is rarely seen in the dreary winter in New York as the weather becomes colder, leaves and grass are covered by snow and people start wearing sweaters and coats that are usually in darker colors such as black, gray or navy. I was thinking if people start to incorporate more shades of yellow into their lives during winter in New York to add a tiny ray of sunshine, it would make the city a little warmer as well as lifting our spirits.

On a typical Saturday in the end of October, I decided to fulfill the practice of wearing yellow out and explore the city. I opened my closet and started checking out my wardrobe to decide what to wear today. I realized that I do not have anything yellow that could be worn in a cold day. As I walked on the street, I started to look for people who wear yellow. I found a teenager who wears a bright yellow beanie that pops out in the crowd and a woman who wears a pair of yellow rain boot moving fast on the crowded street. I started to feel the magic that yellow brings to this cold, windy day as winter is around the corner and it not only makes me happy to see such a colorful scene but also feel that it is going to be a brighter day.