Page Layout Designs

I started to decide the layouts and the typefaces I am going to use for my book. I prefer the way with images on the right side of the spread and text on the left side of the spread. The titles are going to be in Century Gothic and the body texts are going to be Minion Pro as of now and they might be subject to change.

draft 02





draft 022





draft 023





draft 024


Color Awareness Photos

I started to pay attention to people wearing yellows on the street in winter and I had a hard time capturing a lot of them, but I will keep trying…

IMG_7570 copy

IMG_7571 copy

IMG_7573 copy copyDSC_0761 IMG_7171 DSC_0285 DSC_0308 DSC_0342

Neutrals and Metallics

I took the neutral colors from the complementary color scales and added a metallic color PANTONE 871C to create these combinations.

neutrals and metallics-01









The followings are some of the images found online and of my own that use the pallete.

neutral-living-room-dining-room-yellow-fridge-freezer image collage 01 colors

















image collage 02 colors

Concept Board

The concept board are divided into two sections with organics on the left and non-organics on the right. I have also included five hue range from the color aids in the middle that would best represent the hues of my concept board.

concept board








I am especially inspired by the yellow characters in the non-organic section since all of them make me feel happy and relaxed by just looking at the happy yellow faces. That’s how I got the idea of exploring the ways of using yellow in winter to brighten up your day.

Color Story

“Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun.” – Pablo Picasso

Here is a famous quote by Pablo Picasso and I think what it means is to encourage us to use our observation and creativity to look at things from different angles and you may be able to achieve something that no one has ever done before.

Yellow is the brightest hue in the color wheel and it is the color people see first among all other colors. Yellow is also one of the warmest and most energetic colors that represents happiness, joy and cheerfulness, and it works best as a companion to other colors.

The season that best represents yellow is summer; especially at the beach during summer when the sunlight shines on the sand to make it look almost golden yellow. It is very beautiful. Other times during a day that would be associated with yellow would be sunrise and sunset in a clear sky.

Since yellow is very eye-catching and highly visible, it is used for hazardous signs and it also implies danger in some way.

As I explore the theme for my color book, I first categorize yellow into organics and non-organics. Then I have realized that the images I gathered for the concept board were all very positive and uplifting. This made me think of as we are in fall right now, with winter just being around the corner, I think focusing on the positive effects yellow brings to your life would be a theme worth exploring since winter in New York City is generally about snowing and extremely cold weather. There sky gets dark earlier and people usually heavy coats with darker colors such as black, navy blue, dark gray or olive green. I would like to explore different ways of how yellow can brighten up your days during winter such as wearing something yellow in your outfit or decorating your home with yellow furniture.

The audience of my color book would be all ages of male and female living in New York City. I would like to find different ways for kids, young adults, adults and elders of male and female to use yellow to brighten up their lives during winter in New York City.

My purpose for the color book is not to use yellow everywhere in our lives, but to use yellow properly and interestingly so that it works as a great companion to other color combinations as I pointed out earlier.

Analogous Color Scheme

Since my color is yellow, I chose yellow-green and yellow-orange as my analogous colors. By looking at the color wheel, I chose purple as the complementary color. I have also included two darker shades and two lighter tints based on the original analogous color scheme.

analogous color scheme-01









I also used the “Median” filter in Photoshop to help me pick the analogous colors from an image found on the internet that would best represent my color scheme.

analogous color image

Complementary Mixing Scale

Here is the complementary mixing scale I painted with yellow being on the left and purple on the right. The second column from the left is a warmer side of the mixture and the second column from the right is a cooler side of the mixture. By adding different amounts of white, I was able to create shades, tones and tints of the complementary mixing scale.
complementary color mixtures

Color Inspiration Photographs- Yellow

While looking for color inspiration photographs, I tried to look at different categories of objects found in our daily life for the hue yellow. Below are some of the objects I found:



Yellow Tulips. Nature is probably where yellow is found the most. There are all kinds of yellow flowers in our nature.




Yellow Parrot. There are also some animals that have yellow hair in the nature.







Yellow Pepper and Bananas. There is also a lot of organic food that is yellow.












Taxi. Most of the taxis in the world are painted in yellow for people to easily spot them on the streets.











The yellow lego heads and the yellow smiley face are things we probably play a lot in our childhoods. The yellow smiley face is still being used a lot as we grow up to represent happiness for ourselves and others in our daily life.



The last one is the famous Rubber Duck by artist Florentijn Hofman that is touring around the world recently. Even though I have seen the rubber duck as a toy before, I have never heard of its original designer until recently it has been made into a huge balloon floating at piers all over the world. Some People say that seeing the Rubber Duck cures your broken hearts with its innocent face and the big, bright yellow body.